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Professional Tips and Tricks for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

By Prime | Nov 12, 2019

Consistently cleaning your workplace carpets may impact time, health, and productivity. Employees in a sanitary and clean environment may concentrate on their activities without getting distracted by dirt and mess. Need to preserve the bright appearance, color and lifespan of your workplace carpet? Trust only the experts of DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration. Call (703)…

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Five Myths About Carpet Cleaning

By Prime | Oct 22, 2019

Most people can clearly identify when it is time for a cleaning and not just in the spring. Carpet is an exception. Carpet can be very dirty although it may not appear so. This month, DNA Pro Clean is going to take some time and look at the five myths about carpet cleaning. We are…

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car dealership cleaning professionals

Where Car Dealership Cleaning Professionals Matter Most

By Prime | Sep 16, 2019

Here, the professionals at DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration discusses 3 top areas for car dealership cleaning professionals: The Entrance As visitors initially enter your dealership, you need to make the best first impression you can. However, that won’t happen if your guests see unsightly stains and scuffs within their initial couple of seconds onsite.…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Company for Carpet Water Removal

By Prime | Aug 15, 2019

It is the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with—soaked walls, floors, and flooding inside your house. Even though you may be tempted to rent out a shop vacuum then deal with the water cleanup and extraction on your own, this is only a job for a pro. Here DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration…

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How to Prolong the Life of your Upholstery

By Prime | Jul 16, 2019

Commercial furniture has to withstand daily use. Within common spaces such as lobbies, you have to have well-made pieces which are able to provide you years of functionality without having to show too many indications of wear. Discover the best way to clean your organization’s upholstery and sustain your investments with ideas from the specialists…

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How To Pick The Proper Disinfectant For Various Pathogens

By Prime | Jun 10, 2019

While the majority of kinds of germs are harmless to people, disease-causing pathogens may be very harmful. As a medical facility manager, utilizing the proper kinds of disinfectants is critical to preventing the spread of infection within your facility. Keep your staff and patients safe by learning how to pick the proper disinfectants for tackling…

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How to Prepare for An Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

By Prime | May 10, 2019

Here, the friendly folks at DNA Pro Cleaning lists the steps to preparing for an oriental area rug cleaning: Remove clutter Our area rug cleaners vacuum before the primary cleaning process, yet bigger clutter such as toys, shoes, etc., may get in the way. In removing those objects from the area rug, it’s possible to…

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commercial power washing

Benefits of Power Washing Your Property

By Prime | Apr 16, 2019

To sustain its value, a commercial property oftentimes requires a comprehensive power wash. It might seem like a mundane or unnecessary subject, yet it may benefit your commercial property in multiple ways. The outcome may assist in encouraging business growth, improving employee morale, and creating a better aesthetic. Therefore, the only question that lingers is:…

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cold and flu

What is The Difference Between the Flu and the Common Cold?

By Prime | Mar 12, 2019

Cold symptoms usually are a lot milder than the flu, and they oftentimes get better within 7 – 10 days. In rare case, cold symptoms might last for as many as 2 weeks. Wait you might be thinking, what in the world does this subject have to do with carpet cleaning? Read on my friend……

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