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In resisting dry soil, less soil will bond to carpeting; thereby, more soil is picked up by the vacuum. Ensuring that there is enough protector on the carpet will assist in keeping soil from bonding to carpeting. Once the soil bonds to your carpet, it’ll act like sandpaper on a traffic space. Once that traffic space carpet yarns are broken down, there isn’t any way to return them to their initial state.

DNA Pro Clean’s Fabric Protector may be applied to virtually any kind of furniture fabric, which includes delicate fabrics like silk. We are able to protect just cleaned or new furniture.

fiber protection

DNA Pro Clean’s Fabric Protector features a solvent-based carrying agent which won’t water mark delicate fabrics. When the product dries, it’ll leave a protective layer which will assist the homeowner in maintaining furniture pieces with ease.

6 Reasons for Fabric and Carpet Protection

  1. Decreases permanent spots. Excellent looking carpeting may be ruined by an unsightly stain. Unprotected carpeting does not repel spillage as well as protected carpeting. Protector is going to enable you to remove spills and spots more efficiently, thereby helping to avoid permanent spots.
  2. Assists in saving your traffic spaces from becoming ruined. Traffic space soil is extremely abrasive and will cut carpet yarns like a knife. The damaging soil may easily bond to unprotected carpeting. In applying protector, you’ll dramatically increase the life of your carpet. Once you vacuum the protected carpet, the soils are going to release from the carpet pile a lot more effectively.
  3. Make spots more convenient to remove. The easier a stain is to remove, the less cleaner you’ll need to use, and the less agitation you’ll need to use, the less time it’ll take. Many spots can easily be removed using just water.
  4. Makes your following professional cleaning a lot more effective. Having protector applied to carpeting is going to enhance your following cleaning. More soil is going to be removed the following time your carpeting is cleaned professionally.
  5. Assists in avoiding expensive service calls. Even though you want to call DNA Pro Clean to deal with any stain you can’t immediately remove, carpet protector assists you in removing more spotsthan you would without protector. You might have the ability to save a minimum fee by removing the stain on your own.
  6. Your carpeting will last longer and look better when it’s protected.

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