Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Detailing

Hardwood Floor Detailing

Although regular mopping and vacuuming is the best regular maintenance you can do, your expensive and beautiful hardwood floors need to be maintained professionally. DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration offers state­-of­-the-­art hardwood floor technologies that works effectively and beautifully on any type of hardwood floors that are pre-­finished, polyurethane sealed or laminate.

Our cleaning process starts by first removing loose soil from the floor, and then clean the floor with a specialized cleaning pad attached to a rotary machine. Last, we’ll polish the floor to help bring back the shine. Your floors will feel smooth and smell fresh, and, if properly maintained, can last forever.

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration offers a refinishing process that is completely dust-­free, odor free, non-­toxic, safe for pets, kids and the environment, quick to accomplish and inexpensive. This process is designed to clean, repair, and refinish your floors to a spectacular appearance. In the hand of our trained technicians, the method will restore your hardwood floors to its original beauty

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration Hardwood Floor Refinishing includes:

  • Visual Inspection of your hardwood floors on any damage areas and to determine the type of restoration needed
  • Complete cleaning and abrasion this step will remove all loose and embedded soil. It will take of scuff marks, and through mild abrasion, will remove the surface layer of the old finish. This leaves your floor in ideal condition for the new finish to be applied. This entire process is dust-­free.
  • Initial sealer coat of finish
  • Final semigloss finish coat
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or we are not done!


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